Thursday, October 29, 2009

Andy Warhol Movie "I am from nowhere" 2002

I am from Nowhere : Director: Georg Misch Genre: Documentary Produced In: 2002

Synopsis: Since 1952 countless films, documentaries, and reports have been made on the subject of Miková, the small village in Eastern Slovakia with a population of one hundred and fifty where the family of Andy Warhol stemmed from. Focusing on his relatives who still live there I am from Nowhere investigates the fuss the media made about them, thus reflecting on filming as well as being filmed, on media-fame, and on Warhol's legendary 15 minutes thereof. But this is a film even more about the dreams and hopes of the people there, about the universal human dream of a better life, and about an "American Dream" which quite unexpectedly turns out to be nightmarish.

This movie can be viewed in its entirety at the following link:

Movie Trailer from the documentary film "I Am From Nowhere: The People History Ignored"

This is the official trailer for the documentary film "I Am From Nowhere: The People History Ignored". Visit

Directed by Jonathan Martin. A Bohemian Industries/Rotwang Films LLC. Production. Filmed on location in Poland, Slovakia, Canada, and Connecticut. Languages include Polish, Ukrainian, Slovakian, German, and English.

The film tells the story of the little known and often ignored peoples of the Carpathian mountains. It details their history, their persecutions, crimes against them including genocide.

Website for Rusyn Wooden Churches in the Zakarpattya Region

There a website up with some new information on Rusyn Wooden Churches in the Zakarpattya Region. The site page for the Rusyn Churches is only 20-30% finished, but there are some interesting photos and information on the few they do have listed. Check it out.

Here is the link:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese's refurbished website

For any of you who have not seen it...the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese has recently revamped their website. The new website gives them a much more professional and organized look. There are also many new features on their new website. Please take a look and see what you think. Their website can be viewed at:

Monday, October 19, 2009

Holy Martyr Ludmilla

Holy Martyr Ludmilla - The Holy Martyr Ludmilla was married to Czech Prince Borivoy, and both were baptized by St. Methodius, Archbishop of Moravia and Enlightener of the Slavs.

As Christians, they showed concern for the enlightening of their subjects. With the light of the true Faith, they built churches and invited priests to celebrate the divine services. Prince Borivoy died at the age of 36. As a widow, St. Ludmilla led an austere, pious life and continued to work for the Church during the reign of her son, Bratislav.

Prince Bratislav married the Princess Dragomira with whom he had a son, Vyacheslav. After the death of Prince Bratislav, eighteen-year-old Vyacheslav came to the throne. Taking advantage of the inexperience and youth of her son, Dragomira began to introduce pagan manners and customs in the country.

St. Ludmilla opposed this, and Dragomira came to hate her mother-in-law. When St. Ludmilla moved to the city of Techin, Dragomira secretly sent two boyars to murder her. While St. Ludmilla was praying, the two assassins entered the house and carried out Dragomira’s orders.

The relics of the holy Martyr Ludmilla were buried in Techin in the city wall. Numerous healings occurred at her grave. Later, Prince Vyacheslav transferred the body of St. Ludmilla to the city of Prague and placed it in the church of St. George. Commemorated on September 16th.